NordicBranch is active within two segments, Venture Catalyst, and Digital Consulting.

Venture Catalyst

We invest in Nordic tech startups and as entrepreneurial and active partners we help in the early stages to build their product and business.

Digital Consulting

We utilizing the Gig Economy (gig workers) and team up with specialist to serve our customers within the digital landscape.


  • bridge the gap making access to digital specialist easily accessible for companies.
  • offer a joint partnership and therefore sits on your side of the table.
  • have a proven track record in delivering growth and results.
  • have 25+ years of hands-on and strategic experience within the digital landscape.
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  • We started with no money so we know the feeling and commitment needed to build things with very limited resources.
  • We work in teams and with us, you get a dedicated tech-savvy team of specialists to help your company optimize acquisition, onboarding, retention, and monetization through SEO and performance marketing.
  • We are independent and therefore we can choose with whom we want to work with.
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Increased competition.

The Gig Economy is a revolution happening right now and it is changing the way we work, live and do business. Hire NordicBranch as a team will get your company ahead in a digital world of increased competition and fewer permanently employed.

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We enjoy working with big vendors to startups and everyone in between.