Google Analytics 4

Google’s current analytics platform Universal Analytics will be shut down on July 1, 2023. This means it’s high time to start using the next generation, called Google Analytics¬†4.


There are several major differences between the platforms. A major difference is that there will be more focus on events, and what users actually do on your website. In GA4 some events can be added automatically, such as page views, outbound clicks and downloads.

How to measure the length and the number of sessions also differs. In GA4, a session is measured from the first active event performed by a user to the last. If the user has several windows up and switches between these, the time your website waited in the background is not in the active measurement itself. This means that you get a more accurate number of how committed the user actually is.

Why you shouldn’t wait with the implementation of Google Analytics¬†4

You will not be able to move data from Universal Analytics into the new platform. Therefore, you should implement GA4 before July 1, 2022 so that you have a full year of data to compare with when Universal stops collecting data.

It is also indicated that you will have access to historical data for six months after Universal is shut down. Which means that it will be possible to export data that you can use in the long run, but not to import it.

We can help you with the switch to GA4

Do you need help implementing Google Analytics 4 on your website today? We at Nordic Branch can help you with both a pre analysis and the implementation, so you can keep track of your tracking.

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